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Battlefords Roofing, Exteriors, & Restoration Inc. Services

Battlefords Roofing, Exteriors, & Restoration Inc. works throughout the province of Saskatchewan to provide construction services to residential and commercial customers.

Roof Installation

For newly constructed commercial buildings and homes, our experienced roofers install several types of roofs including seam metal, composition, wooden shakes, tile, and slate. We also create engineered rubber and plastic, fiberglass, and concrete roofs. Our contractors will work with you to ensure your roofing product focuses on your goals and concerns while meeting your structural requirements. The lifespan of roofing material ranges from 15 to 50 years, depending on its durability, which means a higher initial investment may be worthwhile in the long run. Battleford Roofing, Exteriors, & Restoration will go over the benefits of each roofing type in detail so you can confidently make the right choice.


If your current roof has reached the end of its lifespan or weather damage has created a need for significant repairs, we also offer re-roofing services. Whether we need to recreate the same type of roofing or upgrade to a completely different material, our professional team will have your new roof completed within three to four days.


Battleford Roofing, Exteriors, & Restoration Inc. also installs and repairs siding of any type, including vinyl, engineered, wood, cedar shakes, and seamless steel. There are several pattern options available with each material type so you can match or completely change the look of current or previous siding. Whether your building is brand new or being renovated, we can complete any siding project to your specifications.

Fascia and Soffit

Instead of settling for outdated wood trim, get engineered wood trim installed for your fascias and soffits. Resistant to fungal decay and termites, there are no knots to cut around. We can create smooth and polished white corners around second story windows, triangular roof sections, balconies, gutters, and more. Elegantly sculpted, beaded ridges create shadow lines, and vinyl products have color that goes all the way through each panel. Since vinyl trim doesn’t have to be painted, that means no chips or scratches. Our fascia and soffit products combine classic style with modern technology.

Metal and Vinyl Skirting

Especially useful for mobile homes, metal and vinyl skirting from Battlefords Roofing, Exteriors, & Restorations Inc. protects your home from excess moisture and flooding. From reflective metallic to subtle white finishes, skirting is easily installed around the bottom few feet of the building. Skirting is also used underneath large porches to keep animals and storm debris out from underneath.



Battleford’s Roofing, Exteriors, & Restorations Inc. also installs and repairs eavestroughing, a fixed gutter section beneath the edge of your roof. Eavestroughs redirect water and plant debris away from your roof and toward your downspout, minimizing excess moisture and making your gutter system easier to clean.

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